Da Capo Brunch Menu



 Meatball $14

Veal Meatball, Tomato Sunday Sauce

Lemon Hummus $14

Hummus, Pita, Crudité

Crab Cake $17

Avocado, Grapefruit, Ginger


 Eggs Benedict $18

Two Poached Eggs Over Homemade Salmon Gravlax

Prosciutto di Parma

Sautéed Spinach on English Muffin with Hollandaise Sauce

3 Egg Omelet $17

Choice of, Feta Cheese & Spinach

Swiss Cheese & Mushroom

Peppers, Sausage & Onion

Egg White Frittata $17

Arugula, Shaved Jalapeño, Avocado & Sundried Tomato

French Toast $16

With Ricotta Cheese & Mixed Berries Compote

Grilled Cheese $17

Da Capo Special Four Cheese Blend Served with Arugula Salad

Da Capo Burger $20

Caramelized Onions, Swiss Cheese, Roasted Tomatoes & Truffle Baked Fries

Chopped Kale $17

Crispy Tortilla, Mint, Pistachio

Bietole e Feta $ 17

Beets, Feta, Pecans

Cesar Salad $17

Romaine Hearts, Parmesan Cheese, Crouton


Chicken Herb de Provence $6

Bolognese $18

Tagliatelle, Bolognese Sauce

Penne alla Vodka $18

Tomato, Parmesan, Sautéed Soppressata & Prosciutto

Tortellini $18

Homemade Tortellini with Goat Cheese, Pesto &Truffle Oil

Sides $8: Maple Glazed Apple-Wood Smoked Bacon.

 Italian Sausage. Truffle Baked Potato Wedges